About Us

Meet Erik Eggertsen, MA, CPG

ErikI am a certified professional guardian in your area.  My drive to serve as a professional guardian stems from my years working at a nursing home and my experiences helping others as a teacher. 

For the past five years, I have served as one of the managers at Richmond Beach Rehabilitation, a highly regarded nursing home located in Shoreline Washington. As the Director of Environmental Services, I collaborated with colleagues, built relationships, balanced budgets, and led my department in developing a positive, safe, and welcoming environment for residents.  Through my work, I saw a need for advocates and guardians to help care for loved ones in our senior community.  I remain a steadfast believer that we owe everything to our elder generation and it is an honor for me to serve them now as a guardian. 

Prior to working in a nursing home, I was an elementary school teacher (Master degree in Teaching from Western Washington University).  It is surprising to find similarities in the care for early childhood and the care for elderly adults.  As a teacher I was responsible for the safety and well being of all of my students.  I worked with parents, family members, and other professionals to promote the physical, academic, and emotional progress of students. Working as a teacher in public schools has also given me the skill to listen and understand when communications can be difficult.

A guardianship is a difficult endeavor for the person in need and for their families.  As a guardian I will reach out to families and others to understand my clients wants and needs.  I understand that every guardianship is unique, that every family has different dynamics, and each case will present new issues and challenges. No one guardian has all the answers.  To meet these changes I have worked hard to develop a network of resources and advisors in legal, financial, medical, and personal care.

Completion of the guardianship program at the University of Washington is a prerequisite to being a professional guardian in Washington.  In the certification program at the University of Washington, I learned a lot about being a professional guardian, but I believe you must first possess the desire and passion to help others. 

I look forward to working with others in this field and helping persons and families in need of my help. Please feel free to call on me at anytime.

Meet Lisa Edlin, CPA

It is with joy and enthusiasm that I complete the professional guardianship program at the University of Washington on August 9th. Now that I will be a certified professional guardian I will be joining Whole Heart Guardianship as a full partner. I look forward to a long and rewarding career helping those in need of our help at Whole Heart Guardianship. For a long time, I helped my mother through some difficult and challenging times and have found this important and caring role extremely rewarding. Now, I look forward to working in a field that requires the same kind of personal care and passion that I already possess.

My experience with finances and working with regulatory agencies is strong. For the past fifteen years I have worked at the University of Washington. My current position is that of Associate Treasurer. My work at the UW involves tracking and reconciling financial accounts, analyzing resources, policies and processes and collaborating with others. I am a Certified Public Accountant and I have a Master’s Degree in Taxation and my background includes work in public and private accounting.

My accounting background certainly makes me a strong candidate for the estate side of guardianship and my own unique experience working closely with retired and elderly individuals at the University of Washington is an important part of my job. I build relationships with elderly donors and assist them in these financial matters. This important work of guardianship is perfect for me working closely with so many elderly and disabled individuals preparing taxes and assisting them in their financial needs.

In addition to being a strong guardian of the estate, I possess the qualities that enable me to be a well-rounded professional guardian. I believe open communication with all those involved is imperative and what helps any guardianship be successful. Toward this end, I have placed a high value on collaboration, shared leadership, and maintaining an open dialogue with our clients and their families. I also know how to maximize funds and to make use of public benefits and insurance.

The experience with the elderly and my experience in the financial world have given me a valuable set of skills that will make me a strong professional accountant, a guardian that will emphasize professionalism, integrity and caring.

Meet Our New Office Manager

At Whole Heart Guardianship, my focus will be on residential planning for our clients, management of client's transportation needs, and assistance/coordination of personal care. I believe I bring a positive attitude to my work creating a personal relationships built on trust and respect.